Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Inaugural Jean Augustine Legacy Award

Wanda Buote
Jean Augustine’s dedication to community, social justice, education has continued in the inaugural Jean Augustine Award which has created two Jean Augustine Awards, a Humber College Scholarship and a LAMP Award.

 Humber’s mission is to develop broadly educated, highly skilled and adoptable citizens who significantly contribute to the educational, economic, and social development of their communities. I believe too, that this too is Jean Augustine’s mission. She has worked tirelessly throughout her career to create opportunities for individuals and in turn has contributed to the educational, economic and social development of our country. Humber is honoured to support a scholarship in Jean’s name as it will aid others to continue on her legacy.She recognizes that supporting people in our communities that may not traditionally access education and work is an important part of achieving this mission. 

Humber does this by working in partnership with schools, community agencies and government to offer a broad range of programs and services to assist youth, aboriginal peoples, newcomers, unemployed individuals and others enter post-secondary education, apprenticeships and meaningful work opportunities.

Wanda Buote – Principal, lakeshore Campus, 
Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

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