Sunday, March 9, 2014

International Women Achievers' Awards

The International Women Achievers' Awards 2014 held in Toronto recognized women who have excelled or played a leadership role in business, entertainment, academia or promoted ethnic diversity within workforce and community. Liberty Silver received the Lifetime Award for her outstanding service within the community over the years.

Arts & Culture Award - Melissa Bessey
Volunteer  Award - Sharon Joseph
Women Of Courage Award - Jen Reid
Youth Leadership Award - Karlyn Percil
Diversity Award - Sylvia Stark
Women In Media - Christine Bentley
Entrepreneur Award - Stacy-Ann Buchanan
Community Development Award - Sabrina Gopaul
Woman Of Distinction - The Honorable Ambassador Dr. Stella Uche Onuoha
Academia Award - Jacqueline Smith
Academic Award - Kimberly Haniff
Entertainment Award - Chelsea Stewart
Women In Business Award - Bojana Sentaler Nikolie
Role Model Award - Mocha Ochoa-Nana
Supportive Partner - Ventelyn Anderson
Lifetime Achievement Award - Liberty Silver

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