About us

Carlos Ferguson - Photographer
Lesa Francis
Community Liaison and Outreach

Welcome to AfroCanada Views.

Here you will find various interviews with well-known and some not so well-known Canadians of African heritage who are making great contributions to Canadian society and they hail from all genres.
We’ve spoken to senators, musicians, authors, politicians, human rights activists, historians, artists, pastors, lawyers, war veterans, doctors, sports legends.

Our intention is to educate, celebrate, uplift and own our achievements . . .
own our legacy.           

Francine Buchner - Journalist

Esery Mondesir - Videographer

Our Mission: To accurately capture, tell and preserve the stories of Canadians of African heritage

Our Vision: To educate, inform, engage and to celebrate

Our Goals: To make information about African-Canadian achievements easily accessible worldwide

To be an educational, informational and engaging tool for young people, thus making known the contributions and achievements of Canadians of African heritage that they otherwise may not have exposure to.

To own our stories

Trisha Mitchell - Administrator, writer