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Across the Border: A Transnational Approach to Teaching the Underground Railroad.

[Submission Deadline: February 15, 2013]
July 14-21, 2013, The Harriet Tubman Institute, in conjunction with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, will host the Summer Institute Teacher Seminar entitled "Across the Border: A Transnational Approach to Teaching the Underground Railroad."
The summer institute is a one-week course exploring the history of the North American anti-slavery movement and the role of Canada as the main terminus of the Underground Railroad (UGRR), a vital part of the broader struggle waged against slavery. Teachers from across the US and Canada will explore some of the early history and mythology of the movement, and the ways these have come to be questioned in the last few decades, as well as some of the true stories of individuals who risked their lives for the sake of freedom. Driving our examination is the conviction that, at its heart, the UGRR was a continental movement that politically challenged the legitimacy of slavery.
Our exploration will be constructed around three identifiable approaches: one, the decision of the enslaved to seek their freedom; two, what occurred at the points of conflict when slaveholders or their agents attempted to reclaim runaways; and three, what efforts were made by whites, free blacks, and slaves, to disrupt slavery at its source.
The workshop will illuminate the experience of freedom-seekers once they crossed the border into British North America, and the contributions they and their descendants have made to building Canada as a nation. The workshop concludes with an extended tour of African Canadian sites of memory founded in the UGRR era. 
Full-time K--12 History and English language arts teachers are invited to apply for Teacher Seminars. Led by eminent historians and held at major educational and historical institutions, these one-week interdisciplinary seminars give educators the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of topics in American history and literature while they gain practical resources and strategies to bring these subjects to life in the classroom.
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