Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reverend Dr. Audley James

Reverend Dr. Audley James
Reverend Dr. Audley James
By Francine Buchner

Revivaltime Tabernacle Worldwide Ministries is the second church built in the black community in Ontario, since Sandwich First Baptist Church in Windsor, that’s 129 years, and the second in Canada in the last century. The first is Union United Church in Quebec.
Pastors are trained to believe and taught to believe. Audley  got the call at 9 years old on Tuesday, May 26, 1947 in Trelawny, Wakefield, Jamaica during an alter call, “Something happened and  I knew from then, that I would eventually be pasturing.” Pastors are leaders with a specific function of community responsibility. The Reverend Dr. Audley James and his wife Reverend Rosenda A. James founded Adelfiha’s Christian Academy in 1994 and housed the school in their church until the facility was built in 2003. 

The Reverend Dr. Audley James is surprised at the gradual eroding of the Black community, “because I would have thought that our community would have grasped the endless and boundless opportunities that are here. 

The majority of his churches budget goes towards youth initiatives and his church is the only one in the city that dedicates seven weeks of the summer to youth activities, “because I see them as the future for everything, if our community is going to survive in this country, or anywhere, it will have to do so, not on the backs of the seniors who are gone, but on the new generation going to come in. So all that I have learned and acquired in life I seek to pass it on to the young people,” said Reverend Dr. Audley James.

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