Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lanre Tunji Ajayi

Lanre Tunji Ajayi
By Francine Buchner

Lanre Tunji Ajayi
Lanre Tunji Ajayi is a conscious businesswoman and the first to introduce Shea Butter to Canada’s mainstream. It is through her preliminary work in the early years that she founded, together with her husband Timothy, All Naturals Cosmetics Incorporated in 2002.
“Shea tree is the one tree in the world that has its own mind. You cannot cultivate it. You cannot grow the shea tree. It grows wildly,” explained Ajayi.
All Natural Cosmetics uses the Nigerian ancient method of extracting shea, rejecting any modern techniques.

Appearing on television networks, CTV, CHCH, producing print ads and spending thousands on trade shows, this groundbreaking work led to the introduction and education of this naturally organic shea seed to the Canadian markets, and coincidently, to other well-known competitor brands who have also started to introduce shea to their line of products. The Ajayi’s also provide private labelling; custom manufacturing for other products.

Lanre Tunji Ajayi’s well-being consciousness extends beyond the physical to the mental and social wholeness of oneself. Part of the proceeds from All Naturals Cosmetics goes towards Seeds of Life Philanthropic Organization (SOLPO). SOLPO’s mandates are education and awareness and patient support. SOLPO is a forerunner in stamping out stigma and stands out from the other sickle cell organizations in Toronto because it encompasses all areas of sickle cell and has a strong educational component.

“We have to reach the community, we have to go to the churches, go to the mosque. This disease does not play religion, does not play rich or poor, it touches everybody and anyone,” said Ajayi.

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