Monday, February 18, 2013

Christ Church in Stouffville celebrates Black History Month

C. Ferguson
The Christ Church in Stouffville celebrated Black History Month on Sunday February 17th , devoting its Sunday ceremonies to teach its congregation about Black Canadian History. Errol Gibbs, researcher, international motivational speaker and author of the Five Foundations of Human Development and Thoughts to Enlighten and Empower the mind was the guest speaker. He certainly enlighten the congregations with some of his solutions to many of the problems facing the young black youths in our community today. Many of these solutions are vested in the church, government and school system working together to create the transformation of a just society. 
Andy Phillips of Enchanting Steel Pan, supplied some of the music with his steel pan and AfroCanadaViews showcased  images and books of Afro-Canadians who have researched and  highlighted Black Canadian history.

Christ Church is located on 254 Sunset Blvd, Stouffville, Ontario.  (905) 640 1461

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