Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AfroCanadaViews honours Dudley Laws

Black History Month - February 2012

Photo: C. Ferguson
The Journey that I have travelled over the past seventy-six years has brought me enormous knowledge and wisdom. The developing years of my childhood with my parents, siblings, my extended family and community has instilled in me the precious value for honour and respect of human lives.

These forty-four years of living in Toronto, Canada, have caused me to be involved in many different struggles, including the criminal justice system, immigration, public housing, police community relationship, racial profiling and many other issues of concern to the Afro-Canadian community, and to society in general.

One of the first lessons I have learned that was very clear to me, was that a community must be organized if that community hopes to achieve and sustain progress, justice, and respect.

These seventy-six years have given me unlimited knowledge of my community and it’s people. Many persons living and deceased have given years of their lives for the betterment  of our children and community; the continuation of this processes now the task of the growing youth leadership in which I have tremendous confidence.

My hope is that they will call upon the knowledge, experience and wisdom of those of us who have traveled the path of leadership.
By Dudley Laws

Funeral of Dudley Laws

Photo: C. Ferguson

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