Wednesday, December 28, 2011

African Methodist Episcopal Church 1849

African Methodist  Episcopal Church
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Ian Beard - Mayor Town of Oro-Medonte

Dedicated to the memory of the Black pioneers who settled in this area. The first settlers were soldiers of Captain Runchey’s “Company of Coloured Men” who fought the Americans in the War of 1812.

The next wave of settlers were the “Freemen” from the Northern U.S, they initially settled on Wilberforce Street (line #1), worshipped in this church and were buried in this, and nearby unmarked cemeteries.

It is with this highest esteem we acknowledge the challenge they accepted, the contribution they made to the development of this community and their unique spirituality.
Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of this Heritage Church 1849 – 1999.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church built in 1849 is located in the Township of Oro-Medonte, on the West side of Oro Rd.2 (concession Road #2)  about 10 minutes North of Barrie.

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